10th Planet Fundamentals - SPIDERWEB

Dive into one of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu's most powerful positions. Spiderweb.

Spiderweb is an incredible position for control and offers a variety of submission options such as arm locks, shoulder locks, compression locks, chokes, and more. Unique to the system this course is a requirement for Blue Belt.

  • Arm Bar Finishing Mechanics
  • Transitions to Spiderweb from various positions
  • Spiderweb Grip breakdown and grip breaks
  • Plus more.

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Spiderweb and Arm Bar Course $79

One time fee for unlimited access to the 10th Planet Fundamental course required for Blue Belt - Spiderweb Course. $79


Get a step ahead with this Course. Level up your arm bar attacks and put your opponents in deeper waters.

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