New Student Manual

Getting Started

Welcome to SIMS Martial Arts Academy. Lets get you started! First things, review our student manual so you have an understanding of how things operate on the mats, our lineage, and information about hygiene and mat etiquette. Also, be sure to take down my email. [email protected] - contact me anytime with any questions.

The Student Path

Each new student who begins training must begin with Jiu-Jitsu 101 courses followed by our 10th Planet Fundamental Courses. Completing and understanding these key courses will help you excel at a much faster rate.

Take your time and understand that the techniques instructed may take months or even years to perfect, The techniques are always being practiced even at the black belt level.

Look at the instruction as guides to help you as you get your reps.

Repetition is Key! You must practice the moves with a dedicated trustworthy training partner. If you are training on your own, be sure you

You can save the Student Manual as a PDF to your phone and add it to your PDF Library such as ibooks so you can review easy anytime.

Omaha Student Guide.pdf