Getting Started

Welcome to SIMS Martial Arts Academy. Home of 10th Planet Jiujitsu Omaha. Lets get you started.

To better help our new students get moving, we've put together a Jiujitsu 101 starter course right here online. Its proved to be a helpful reference for students.

The course has tons of info about the dojo, plus instructional material to help you get a handle of the basics you'll see in classes.

30 Day FREE Trial -

All new students are entitled to a FREE 30 Day Trial at the dojo! Enjoy all classes for 30 days. If you haven't started your trial yet for in person classes at 10th planet omaha, you can get started with that HERE. That link will also have a lot of answers to questions you might have about the trial including member pricing and class schedule. Access by this link HERE or by scanning the code below with your phone camera.

The 30 Day Free Trial is the best way to really get started in jiujitsu. You will have plenty of time to get a feel for how things work on the mat and see if the art is really for you. You can cancel anytime. You can choose the date to start your trial as well. When you click the link and go through the process you can select your start date so choose any date that works best for your first day and we'll be ready for your arrival :-)


To better help our students succeed we utilize the MyStudio Dojo App at 10th planet omaha. All New Members will need to download our Student APP. The app is a fantastic tool to help you stay better connected to the dojo and stay motivated. We have regular class reminders, a notification system to update you of any class changes, plus its a one stop access point for everything dojo related. Downloading is EASY. Do it right here with your phone.

When you download the app you'll be prompted for a Studio code.

The studio code is: 10thplanetomaha

for all 10th Planet Omaha Students

all lowercase and all one word.

for all 10th Planet Auburn Students

studio code is: 10thplanetauburn

all lowercase and all one word.

For APPLE IPhone

Direct Link

For Android Phone

Direct Link

Be sure to download the app to ensure success. Going at training jiujitsu requires commitment and surrounding yourself with likeminded driven teammates. We'll shoot you regular class reminders to help you stay accountable for your goals. If you have any issues with the process please let us know. [email protected].


The majority of dojo communications occur via Push messages from the APP as well as email. So please ensure you have notification turned on. 👊🏽

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