Safety Guidelines and Etiquette

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Our Jiu-Jitsu Academy offers premium Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense instruction for the entire family. The Martial Art Jiu-Jitsu is a great way to get in shape, build a skill, learn to defend yourself and others, or simply increase happiness and wellness. The art has grown in popularity due to the huge number of benefits it offers. To put it simply: Jiu- Jitsu Changes Lives. We are incredibly honored to bring this powerful Discipline directly to you and your family.

Jiu-Jitsu is for everybody! Any shape or size, any race color or creed, any religion, any back ground you can think of. What makes this possible is we are all on the same path of Continual Self Improvement. What makes this possible is training in an environment where everyones Ego’s are in check and Everyone respects everyone on and off the mats. Always remember to check your ego at the door and always show love to your team mates. They are the ones who help you get better. Without a team behind you on the mats, you can not progress.

With that said, We are so excited to have you on the mats with us and share in this incredible art. Before we get to rolling there are some very important tips to help you succeed and some information you will need to know and understand before training begins.

Please be sure to review all the class info below and feel free to share this new student starter guide with friends and families. The more awesome beings on the mats with us, the better the training is for us all.

We can’t wait to share our Jiu-Jitsu with you all. Thank you for your support


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Etiquette and Safety Etiquette and Safety

Respect for ourselves and others

When training remember that you are always looking out for your partners. In training you’ll be expected to work and train with a variety of training partners. Some days you’ll have the same training partner the whole class, other days you’ll rotate through many training partners. We're all family out here! The mix of training partner helps us learn to apply our technique to a variety of body types and skill levels. This is a crucial part to the development of our jiujitsu. “Being Comfortable with being uncomfortable is jiu-jitsu” - Tom Deblass

Warm Ups:

Each class will start with jiujitsu and self defense oriented movement flows and exercises to get ready for technical and live training. The warm ups are critical to your development as a student. The prepare your body for training. Don’t neglect the warm ups. Enjoy the warm ups. Your pace should grow in strength. Start slow.

Technical Training and Flowing:

After our warm up series and movements we go into technical training. Technical training must be done when we are tuned up and ready, not exhausted! We need to retain all the details needed in this complex art. In technical training we are in the lab, take notes if you must . repetition is key when practicing technique. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Start slow with your technique and work to make it flow without missing the steps. Sometimes you need to squeeze, other times you have to flow. Working to control the separating and seamless continuation of the moment is where the skill develops. . When you are performing repetitions of the technique always attempt to perform the move to the best of your ability each rep. Quality over quantity will add up faster. Notes are fantastic to remember the steps of the sequences. Tip: use your phone and build a notebook of jiujitsu notes. It helps.

Etiquette and Safety Etiquette and Safety continuted...

Live Drilling and Live Rolling:

The intensity is picking up right here. In live drilling start out slow and finish

strong ,work to match your partners intensity, not overpower it. If you match their intensity and succeed in your training goal then its done with technique, if you have to overpower then you are struggling and forcing rather than using a technical approach. Technique Conquers All - Caio Terra

Sometimes your partner will feel a different pace and vibe than you, I always encourage you to learn to adjust your pace and comfort zone and learn to adopt that partners style and intensity. The growth in jiujitsu comes from so many areas more than just technique. When you can mimic feel and repeat your opponents patterns you can begin to break them in ways outside of just technical knowledge. These experiences are important when you compete or roll against high level opponents. Take advantage of these opportunities in training.

Each One Teach one

Help everyone on the mats if you can. Its a jiu-jitsu community where we all want to get better at this endless art. Help the new guys shrimp, be a patient partner, Build the bridge instead of burning! Help where you can.

Mat Safety

Right of Way While Rolling

In live rolling bodies are moving everywhere and a lot of action is happening. The rule of thumb that is followed is Upper belts have the right of way when rolling. If your roll is the way of an upper belts roll its your responsibility to adjust your roll, if you see a roll intruding on an upper belts roll please remind them nicely of the right of way rule.

When an Instructor is on the mat, he/she has the ultimate right of way. If you bump into him once, that's incidental; if it happens twice, you need to move. After the Coach, tradition affords precedence to the senior belts: black, brown and purple in that order.

Submissions and Tapping

Tap early.

One of the things that makes jiu-jitsu more effective than some other martial arts is that we can execute our moves at 100% certainty when sparring, which allows us to have a better understanding of our techniques. What makes this possible is the concept of

Etiquette and Safety Etiquette and Safety continuted...

submission, also known as tapping, which is a way of acknowledging that you have been caught with a technique that could result in your being injured or rendered unconscious. Tap Early and Build.

Submissions can be indicated verbal or physical

By tapping your opponent's body repeatedly with your hand. The rule of thumb is that three taps in a row is a definitive tap. One tap could be interpreted as an attempt to push the person you are tapping to, as could two taps. Three taps is the universal standard for a submission.

If you cannot touch your opponent due to the position you are in, you can also tap the mat with your hand, or if necessary, you can even tap with your foot. You can verbally submit by saying "tap" or otherwise indicating that you are submitting. Any sounds that you make OR hear that indicate you or your partner are in pain must and will be interpreted as a verbal submission. Respect

Catch and Release

Sometimes a person is caught in a submission that they should tap to without

realizing the danger they are in. In that case, the person applying the submission should continue to hold the submission in place but not apply finishing pressure and inform their partner that they are caught. If the person who is caught in the submission disagrees, apply finishing pressure slowly.

There are some techniques such as a bicep slicer or heel hook where the person being attacked will not necessarily feel pain until it is too late - in that case, the offensive player should inform their training partner that they are caught and explain the danger. Take their word for it. With that being said it is up to us all to look out for the safety of all of our training partners if you have the experience and rank take the higher road and let the sub go before damage can occur and explain the situation. We are working to build a strong team. Teamwork and cooperation is key on the mats.


jiujitsu is a contact sport. Cleanliness is a must. Keep your uniforms and gear washed and smelling clean. Always wash your training gear after classes and never go off the mats bare foot or walk on the mats with shoes :-)

General Safety Rules Remove all jewelry

Including necklaces, earrings, and rings (even wedding rings) before drilling or rolling.

Bring a Towel!

Jiu-Jitsu will make you work hard! Be ready to sweat.

Wear Class Uniforms

Represent for your team and wear approved equipment. Be sure to check with coach on required Class gear.

No Shoes on the mats - wear footwear off the mats - only be barefoot On the Mats.

YOU ARE A REPRESENTATIVE OF THIS ACADEMY , The Art, Its Instructors, and Students. Act Accordingly

You are learning one of the most effective martial arts in the world. Some of these techniques can do serious harm to someone or even cause death. You are becoming a jiujitsu superhero. Use your powers wisely. Your jiujitsu has the fingerprints of your instructors and their lineage all over your technique and within this art you become a true representation of your academy. Act accordingly and carry the traditions on with respect and honor!

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